Our Bath Mobility Aid’s

We have a wide range of bath mobility solutions available, get in touch with us to discuss all of our options so we can get the perfect solution for you today. Dolphin have years of experience in the bathing solutions industry and will always strive to give you impartial advice. We will never pass your details to any third party.

The Dolphin Bath Lift

A fraction of the price of expensive walk in baths and showers and far more practical than cheaper ‘in bath’ products, we feel the Dolphin Batheasy™ Bath Lift offers the best overall solution to most peoples’ bathing difficulties.

The Dolphin Batheasy™ monitors the water temperature, ensuring that you never accidentally jump into a boiling hot bath and get scalded. Once you’ve seen the bath temperature a few times, you’ll work out what is your favourite temperature, ensuring a perfect bath every time!

The easy-to-use controller makes using the Dolphin Batheasy™ simple and relaxing as you gently lower yourself down in comfort and safety. The layout of the unit is incredibly simple. You can choose to operate it by the push buttons on the front of the unit or by the hand held waterproof remote control. There is also a battery indicator to let you know when the battery needs recharging.

Bath Cushions

The Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift has been installed in thousands of homes throughout the UK and Europe, allowing customers to bathe with ease, independence and in comfort.


  • Lightweight & portable

  • Comfortable (with a lumbar support for additional stability)

  • Easy to use

  • No installation required or installation costs

  • No bathroom alterations

  • Allows user complete immersion

  • Removes hazard of stepping in and out of the bath

  • No assistance required

  • Simple to operate

  • Suits most baths

  • A secure non slip seat

  • Safe to use – non electrical hand control

  • User weight limit of 20 stone/130 kilograms

  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

  • TUV approved

  • Manufactured from polyethylene, which provides a soft to touch yet hardwearing product, capable of resisting bath additives and hot bath water

  • Hygienic – smooth contours make the Bath Buddy easy to clean, dry and pack away after use


There is nothing more relaxing than a long soak in the bath to ease those aches and pains. With the Dolphin range of luxury walk-in baths, you can enjoy a bath in safety and comfort once again.

Hand-crafted and packed with safety features such as grab rails, thermostatic taps which ensure you don’t get scalded and slip resistant surfaces which you give you peace of mind – it’s no wonder many of our customers choose this modern, sleek and stylish option.


Our Walk In Showers have been specifically designed to allow everyone to enjoy a comfortable, relaxing shower with complete confidence and safety.

Walk-In Showers include:

  • Ultra Low Access

  • Thermostatic Control

  • Safe Easy Bathing

  • Integrated Grab Rails

  • A Choice Of Folding Seat